Mexico Study Tour participants 2018

Gracias! We are excited that you will join us for the México Study Tour October 27-Nov 3, 2018. 

Please complete the following information we will need to process your tickets and reservations (19 short questions).

Once your RSVP is complete you will receive an invoice for the $1,000 deposit due May 31 and final payment of $2,250 balance due September 1, 2018. 

If you need to cancel your reservation, we are able to refund $500 of your $1,000 deposit if canceled by Sept 1, 2018.

Is your name on your RSVP the same as the name listed on your passport? If not, please list the names on your passport here.

Name(s) listed under "given name" on your passport followed by name(s) listed under "surname" on your passport


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